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Family Sues for Millions in Elder Abuse Case

The family of deceased senior citizen, J.B., has filed a lawsuit against a major nursing home for negligent care. The elderly woman had developed Alzheimer's so her family decided to put her in an assisted living home in Auburn back in September, 2008. A mere three months later, J.B. had to be transferred into a nursing home because she had developed pressure ulcers, which are a type of bedsore that develop due to lack of movement. Caretakers of those who are bed-ridden are supposed to help adjust them and keep them mobile so that these types of sores do not grow.

Four of her pressure ulcers had turned into open wounds, which medical examiners cited as a significant contributing factor for her death in February, 2009. The attorney of J.B.'s family has investigated the circumstances of her plaintiff's death and concluded that the nursing home was woefully understaffed to the point that nobody was on overnight staff for the memory care unit. Her family has asked for $3-5 million in damages for their loss.

The defense team for the assisted living home has stated that J.B. was already in a severely debilitated state when she arrived at the nursing home so they should not be held accountable for her death. They maintain that as soon as the staff found out about her bedsores, they took care of the issue. In addition, their lawyers say that there is absolutely no link between the staffing and J.B.'s death. This same nursing home has been subject to much litigation in the past, and even some minor violations for the particular assisted living facility in which J.B. stayed. If you suspect that your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, then you should take legal action with the help of a Sacramento nursing home abuse attorney from Newman Law Group, LLP. We have successfully handled over 50 trials!