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Elder abuse is a serious issue and can be a devastating situation for you and your family. When your elderly loved one is being mistreated or uncared for, you need to take action and ask for legal help. You need an attorney that you can rely on to help you litigate against your loved one’s abuser and to get the money that you deserve for your suffering. Newman Law Group, LLP is devoted to helping the victims and the loved ones of victims of Sacramento elder abuse.

The firm handles a variety of different cases. Whether your loved one suffered from dehydration, or was injured after a fall that could have been prevented, you need to litigate against the person who made the accident occur. Thousands of older Americans suffer from malnutrition because of negligent caretakers, or die a premature death because of an unaddressed infection or sepsis. As well, a lot of older Americans who are not supervised adequately may wander or elope, putting them in a place of danger. Many older Americans experience a lack of proper care on a daily basis. This can happen in nursing homes or can be the result of an uncaring family member or a hospice nurse.

There are also some elders who experience abuse as a result of a medication error or may have fallen ill because they were malnourished. No matter what sort of ailment or uncomfortable situation your older loved one is in an attorney from Newman Law Group, LLP is ready and willing to help. The firm also handles cases regarding bedsores, and will litigate no matter which type of elder abuse your loved one is dealing with. Not all elder abuse is purely physical, and at Newman Law Group, LLP, the attorneys want to show that this is true.

They believe that elder abuse can be emotional in nature as well. When a person is threatened, blamed, or despised, it can take an extreme toll on that induvidual’s emotional stability. Elders who are constantly talked about in a negative fashion often become depressed and hurt. Emotional abuse is one of the most common forms of elder abuse, and is certainly worth litigating over. If you have been abused emotionally, or your loved one has become reclusive after too many hurtful comments, you may want to take to a attorney at this Sacramento elder abuse firm to determine how you can litigate.

Elder abuse can also be financial. Sometimes, unscrupulous caretakers, medical professionals, or others will prey on older people in order to obtain their money. They will force these older people to pay more than they need to for their care, or will manipulate them into paying for services that they don’t need or won’t ever receive. Some criminals will prey on those with mental deficiencies because they believe that those elderly individuals will forget about the money before they can question what they spent it on. This is an excellent reason to litigate.

There are also times that elders are abused sexually. Caretakers and others may prey on these older individuals because of their vulnerability, and abuse them for their own amusement. This is illegal and is a crime that can both prosecuted in the courtroom and litigated for financial compensation. Another form of elder abuse is a wrongful discharge. This occurs when a caretaker allows an older pweaon to leave the hospital despite the fact that they need more treatment.

This can become a serious issue and the discharged patient could die without the right treatments and attention that he or she needs. Not all elder abuse is between patients and workers. There is also resident-on-resident abuse that occurs in nursing homes. The homes should look out for this peer abuse and do their best to squelch it when possible. Still, there are times that a resident may be harmed or hurt by another resident and the incident may go unnoticed. With all of these different forms of abuse to deal with in addition to physical abuse, it is no wonder that so many families want to litigate on behalf of an injured or battered elder.

When you are looking for representation that you can rely on, Attorney Daniel S. Newman is there. This attorney has taken more than 50 trials to verdict and is admitted to practice in all federal and state courts within the state of California. He is also licensed to practice law in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, so if your case doesn’t turn out the way you want it, Attorney Newman can it to the next level. Attorney Newman obtained his Juris Doctor degree at the Wake Forest College of Law in 2001 and eventually fine-tuned his practice so that he would only focus on elder abuse. He has been practicing law for 11 years and has never been cited for professional misconducted by the California State Bar.

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No matter what your situation, Newman Law Group, LLP is here to help. They have a history of successes, as evidence by the cases listed on their victories page. On this web page the firm has posted three cases which they won due to calculated and creative representation. You can also get to know the firm better and understand their commitment to excellence by reading the client testimonials on the website. On this web page, people have written that Attorney Newman is compassionate, knowledgeable, committed, and focused on pursuing justice. Attorney Newman truly cares about his clients and their families. He wants to be the helping hand that will come alongside you and advocate for you in your hour of need. If you want even more information about elder abuse, you can check out the firm’s blog. You can also read the firm’s frequently asked questions write-up if you want more information about a variety of different elder abuses and how to litigate.

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