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Have you ever sat in one area or position so long that your foot fell asleep? Only the agonizing sensation of pins and needles alerted you to the fact that the circulation of blood flow to an important limb had been limited, and that you needed to jump up and down in pain to get the circulation flowing again. Many people are unaware that their skin needs continual, oxygenated blood too, and that continual pressure or friction in one spot, no matter how light, can eventually cause an ulcer where tissue is damaged, and blood is restricted.

The name for these painful sores is “pressure ulcers.” Because they tend to develop when someone is sitting or lying immobile for much of the time, people who are elderly are most vulnerable to these destructive sores. If nursing home staff have been negligent, the Newman Law Group, LLP can provide you with a knowledgeable Sacramento pressure ulcer attorney.

Causes of Pressure Ulcers

If someone has been forced to stay in one position for a long time, so that part of the skin undergoes a lot of pressure, this portion of the flesh becomes prone to develop a pressure ulcer. People who are especially restricted in mobility, such as elderly patients who have recently had surgery, are confined to their beds, or rest in chairs or wheelchairs for extended time periods, tend to develop these ulcers more commonly.

When someone stays in a single position for a long time, the lack of blood flow causes the skin to deteriorate and break open into gaping holes that only get worse with increased friction or pressure. If not treated quickly, these sores can lead to severe tissue damage that even destroys muscles and bones deeper within the body.

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Common Areas for Pressure Ulcers

It is helpful to know where ulcers tend to develop to ensure that an elderly person is being well-provided for. If these sores have started to grow, then immediate action must be taken to avoid deadlier illnesses that result from the ulcers, including blood poisoning.

Although pressure ulcers can emerge anywhere upon a person’s body, the most typical areas they appear include:

  • On the back of the head
  • Around and on the ears
  • Around the groin
  • Shoulders
  • Buttocks
  • Lower back
  • Elbows
  • Near the genitals
  • The inner knee
  • Hips
  • Heels
  • Feet
  • Under the arms
  • Bony areas without much padding

Preventable Care

In order to prevent pressure ulcers, caregivers should regularly aid an elderly person in changing their position and helping them stretch. Staying mobile is the best way to avoid sores, but nurses and caregivers should also consistently check residents’ skin carefully to find any developing marks. They should also make sure that all provided meals are balanced and nutritional, with plenty of varied minerals and vitamins to strengthen residents’ muscles, tissues, and skin.

If the nursing home staff are negligent in performing any of these critical roles, or if they then neglect to clean and treat those suffering from pressure ulcers, they are liable to pay steep compensation for contributing to such painful inflictions. If you suspect that this malpractice is occurring, it is crucial to get in touch with our Sacramento pressure ulcer attorneys.

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Our Victories

  • $1,500,000 Neglect Case

    After a critical two months where our client was not bathed and multiple changes of condition went uncommunicated, unreported, and uncared for, she was ambulanced out to an Emergency Room, where her doctors and family were shocked to find that she had a stage IV sacral decubitus ulcer.

  • $1,300,000 Neglect Case

    The client in this case is an adult who is developmentally disabled, bedridden, and unable to speak or move independently. The intermediate care facility where she resided neglected their responsibility to ensure her safety, well-being, and necessary medical attention that she required. As a result, the client suffered a Stage IV wound.

  • $1,000,000 Nursing Home Abuse Case

    Unbeknownst to prospective residents and their families, this defendant RCFE chain was willing to systematically violate laws and its own policies designed to protect vulnerable elders. Willing to admit scores of profitable, high need residents (such as our client), and leave them at the mercy of a few unqualified, untrained and overburdened caregivers.

  • $875,000 Abandonment Case

    Through exhaustive investigation, we found that our client’s death was not the result of a few isolated mistakes by care-givers. Rather, it was the result of this corporate facility’s policies prioritizing occupancy and revenue, while ignoring staff training, staff supervision, and the quality of care being delivered.

  • $775,000 Resident-On-Resident Abuse Case

    While eating dinner at a Skilled Nursing Facility, our client was confronted by another resident who punched him, resulting in our client’s tragic death. The other resident had resided at the facility for five months, and over the course of those five months had engaged in numerous altercations with other residents, including two altercations that occurred in the 24-hour period before he assaulted and killed our client.

  • $750,000 Lack of Proper Care Case

    During our client’s roughly ten-week stay at a skilled nursing facility, he would suffer 8 falls, lose twenty (20) pounds, and develop an unstageable left heel pressure ulcer and a stage II coccyx pressure ulcer due to the facility’s reckless neglect. He was transferred to the hospital, where he was found severely dehydrated, his left heel wound required debridement for eschar and gangrene, and for the first time, a stage II coccyx ulcer was identified.

  • $678,000 Financial Abuse Case

    Our 84-year-old client was the victim of financial elder abuse related to a number of transactions, including the purchase of a home. The Defendant's real estate agents, lender, and escrow company all failed to protect our client throughout the process of purchasing the home, which was orchestrated by a woman who fraudulently siphoned off our client’s entire life savings.

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