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Independent Party Required to Monitor Skilled Healthcare Group

In order to increase the standard of care at the Skilled Healthcare Group nursing homes, the California Attorney General has required that an independent monitor regularly visit their facilities. Skilled Healthcare Group will be required to pay for these assessments that will be directly reported to the CA Attorney General, costing about $350,000 annually. In addition, the nursing home company is being expected to improve the quality of care and increase their staff levels at 20 of their facilities as a part of their settlement with the state of California.

In a statement made by the Attorney General, she said that the company is being required to do this because of the 76 citations made against them by the California Department of Public Health. Many of these were because the facilities failed to properly care for their patients. The Department found that the patients were experiencing pressure ulcers, malnutrition, dehydration, medication errors, and incontinence. The Attorney General noted that this was a clear case of elder neglect and abuse from a facility that was supposed to be protecting them. The settlement is supposed to ensure better care, as well as peace of mind for the friends and family of those in Skilled Healthcare's nursing homes.

The Justice Department's Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse (BMFEA) was responsible for investigating and prosecuting this case. In light of this and other cases of elder abuse, the CA Attorney General has tasked special BMFEA teams that are comprised of both medical and legal professionals to fight elder neglect and abuse cases across the state. If you or your loved one has been mistreated while in the care of a nursing home or caretaker, then don't wait to contact Sacramento elder abuse attorney, Daniel Newman. He has effectively brought over 50 cases to trial, so you can trust that he will hold your case in good hands. Make an appointment as soon as you can!