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What Actions Should You Take If You Suspect Abuse?

In caring for your elderly loved ones, it is important that you are astute and aware of their surroundings. Being on the lookout for suspicious behavior or sudden changes in their mood could help put a stop to elder abuse. If you believe that your loved ones are being subjected to neglect or abuse, take the following steps:

  1. If your elderly loved one has been telling you that they are being neglected or abused, be sure to make certain their story is true. When possible, see if you can have them tell you specifics about what is happening and try to find proof, take pictures or check around with other residents.
  2. You may wish to move your loved one to another nursing home, especially if the alleged abuse is of a serious nature.
  3. In the state of California, it is the law to report any form of elder abuse if you have discovered that it is happening. You should report the instance to the district attorney or police in your area. Depending on the amount of evidence or proof that you are able to present to the DA, it may rise to an issue of criminal behavior, whereby the state could then file a case against the nursing home.
  4. Be sure to let certain agencies know about the abuse by filing a complaint. Inform the state's department of adult protective services, social services and/or elder protective services.
  5. Hire a Sacramento elder abuse attorney. Specializing in nursing home abuse and neglect, Attorney Newman, along with the rest of our legal team, have over 30 years of combined experience in this particular field. We can work to protect the rights of your loved ones and help you receive the appropriate compensation you deserve.

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