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California Being Sued by Sacramento Advocacy Group for Improper Nursing Home Inspections

The lawsuit against the state of California was brought by the Foundation Aiding the Elderly, based out of the city of Sacramento, after they accused the state of taking too long to complete proper nursing home inspections. They claimed that it has been taking many months and sometimes even years to finish the investigations that are truly necessary for knowing whether or not a nursing home is maintaining a certain level of care. The president of the advocacy group claims that this inattention to detail is causing many homes to become lax in their standards, causing potentially jeopardizing situations for all elderly care patients.

Ultimately, the suit is asking the state to look into and complete various investigations based on complaints, and to do so in an efficient manner. They want the court to place deadlines on these investigations so that they do not get forgotten about again. In addition, they are requesting that the department have to put together a report each year regarding their plan for completing future complaint investigations.

The purpose of this lawsuit is really to protect the elderly patients living in these nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout Sacramento and all of California. If you or your loved one has been a victim of elder abuse, it is important to seek the legal representation you deserve when fighting your case. You have the right to seek justice, whether the abuse was physical, emotional, financial, or even sexual.

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