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At Newman Law Group, LLP, our Sacramento wage and hour attorneys have the professional experience and technical expertise to protect the rights and interests of workers. Employees must be paid their full and fair wages under both California law and federal law. If you believe that your wage and hour rights were violated—whether due to unpaid wages, failure to pay overtime, or for any other reason—we can help.

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An Overview of State and Federal Wage and Hour Regulations

Wage and hour laws are any federal, state, or local regulations that govern the payment of wages/benefits. At the federal level, the primary wage and hour law is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA is one of the most important wage and hour statutes in the United States. It governs minimum wage, overtime pay, and other key issues. The overwhelming majority of employers nationwide are covered by the FLSA.

California also has some state wage and hour regulations that provide additional protections to employees. For example, California sets a more generous mandatory minimum wage than federal law. Additionally, California has strict rules for the classification of workers. Some municipalities also have local wage and hour regulations. As an example, the City of Emeryville in Alameda County has a living wage ordinance that sets the highest minimum wage in the state.

We Handle the Full Range of Wage and Hour Claims in California

Newman Law Group, LLP is a full-service law firm devoted to protecting the rights of employees. We are committed to providing personalized legal representation to our clients. Our Sacramento employment law team takes on the full spectrum of wage and hour claims. Along with our types of wage and hour claims, our Sacramento employment attorneys help workers with:

  • Unpaid Wage Claims: Everyone should be paid for the full hours that they worked. The FLSA and California law requires employers to pay a minimum wage. Your right to hold an employer accountable for unpaid wages derives primarily from these laws. If you were not paid for the hours that you worked, it means that you were denied a minimum wage. Contact our Sacramento wage and hour attorneys for immediate help with your case.
  • Unpaid Overtime Claims: The FLSA requires employers to pay non-exempt workers overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week. Overtime pay is 50% higher (time and a half) than an employee's standard hourly rate. For example, imagine that a worker makes $22 per hour. They are not exempt from overtime laws. Once 40 hours in a week are hit, that employee should be paid $33.00 for all overtime hours. If you or your loved one was denied the full and fair overtime pay that you earned, a Sacramento wage and hour attorneys will protect your rights.
  • Prevailing Wage Cases: Companies that contract with the governments in California (state or local) to do a public works project are generally required to pay something called a “prevailing wage.” A prevailing wage is higher than the minimum wage. The specific prevailing wage is based on the location and the work being performed. If you were improperly denied the prevailing wage that you were due, our Sacramento wage and hour claims attorneys are here to help.
  • Employee Misclassification: Your wage and hour rights—and many of your other workplace rights—are largely based on your status as an employee. California has some of the most stringent and comprehensive worker classification laws in the country. An employee that misclassifies a worker as an independent contractor can be held liable for improperly denying them workplace benefits, including wage and hour benefits.

A Wage and Hour Case May Be an Individual Claim or a Class Action Lawsuit

Some wage and hour violations are pursued as individual claims. As an employee who was subject to a wage and hour violation, you have the right to bring a claim on your own. You do not have to wait on others to take legal action. At the same time, it is important to emphasize that many employers that commit wage and hour violations do so across entire classes of employees. For example, imagine that you were denied overtime pay while working for a construction company in Sacramento. It is possible—maybe even likely—that many of your co-workers were also denied overtime pay. You could pursue a wage and hour lawsuit as a class action claim. If you have any questions about your rights, our Sacramento employment law attorneys are available to help.

How Our Sacramento Wage and Hour Attorneys Can Help

Wage and hour claims are complicated. Workers do not need to take on an employer alone. At Newman Law Group, LLP, we put forward the time, resources, and attention to the small details to help employees secure the full wages that they earned through hard work. Our firm is proactive in its approach. Among other things, our Sacramento wage and hour attorneys are ready to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your wage and hour complaint;
  • Answer your questions and explain your rights under the state/federal law;
  • Investigate the matter—gathering evidence of wage and hour violations; and
  • Take whatever legal action is best to help you get justice and full financial compensation.

Consult With Our Sacramento Wage and Hour Attorneys Today

Our Sacramento wage and hour attorneys are experienced and effective advocates for workers. If you or your family member was denied the full and proper wages owed under the law, we are here to help pursue justice. We handle wage and hour claims in Sacramento, Sacramento County, and throughout North Central California.

To set up a completely confidential, no-obligation initial consultation with the top wage and hour attorneys, please contact Newman Law Group, LLP today at (916) 352-3224.

Hear It From Our Clients

  • Dan genuinely cares about the elderly and disabled

    “Dan was invaluable in helping me achieve a favorable result in a lawsuit against a national hospice agency that placed money above the suffering of its dying patients.”

    - Lynne U.
  • Highly recommend!

    “Without a doubt, the aggressive pursuit of the truth by Mr. Newman and his associates along with his willingness to answer our questions and support us led to a positive outcome to an otherwise bleak and desperate situation.”

    - Mitchell G.
  • They were there for me throughout the process

    “The representation and care I received at Newman Law Group was very professional and satisfied my needs. They were there for me throughout the process.”

    - Marilyn E.
  • Dan is someone you can lean on for support and to do the right thing

    “He will work extremely hard and recommend what is best for you and your family because you come first in his eyes. Dan is someone that you know will be there for you even after the dust settles.”

    - Debbi H.
  • We were honored to have his representation

    “His compassion, knowledge, and unending commitment provided our family with a final resolution in this matter. We were honored to have his representation.”

    - Dan F.

Our Victories

  • $1,500,000 Neglect Case

    After a critical two months where our client was not bathed and multiple changes of condition went uncommunicated, unreported, and uncared for, she was ambulanced out to an Emergency Room, where her doctors and family were shocked to find that she had a stage IV sacral decubitus ulcer.

  • $1,300,000 Neglect Case

    The client in this case is an adult who is developmentally disabled, bedridden, and unable to speak or move independently. The intermediate care facility where she resided neglected their responsibility to ensure her safety, well-being, and necessary medical attention that she required. As a result, the client suffered a Stage IV wound.

  • $1,000,000 Nursing Home Abuse Case

    Unbeknownst to prospective residents and their families, this defendant RCFE chain was willing to systematically violate laws and its own policies designed to protect vulnerable elders. Willing to admit scores of profitable, high need residents (such as our client), and leave them at the mercy of a few unqualified, untrained and overburdened caregivers.

  • $875,000 Abandonment Case

    Through exhaustive investigation, we found that our client’s death was not the result of a few isolated mistakes by care-givers. Rather, it was the result of this corporate facility’s policies prioritizing occupancy and revenue, while ignoring staff training, staff supervision, and the quality of care being delivered.

  • $775,000 Resident-On-Resident Abuse Case

    While eating dinner at a Skilled Nursing Facility, our client was confronted by another resident who punched him, resulting in our client’s tragic death. The other resident had resided at the facility for five months, and over the course of those five months had engaged in numerous altercations with other residents, including two altercations that occurred in the 24-hour period before he assaulted and killed our client.

  • $750,000 Lack of Proper Care Case

    During our client’s roughly ten-week stay at a skilled nursing facility, he would suffer 8 falls, lose twenty (20) pounds, and develop an unstageable left heel pressure ulcer and a stage II coccyx pressure ulcer due to the facility’s reckless neglect. He was transferred to the hospital, where he was found severely dehydrated, his left heel wound required debridement for eschar and gangrene, and for the first time, a stage II coccyx ulcer was identified.

  • $678,000 Financial Abuse Case

    Our 84-year-old client was the victim of financial elder abuse related to a number of transactions, including the purchase of a home. The Defendant's real estate agents, lender, and escrow company all failed to protect our client throughout the process of purchasing the home, which was orchestrated by a woman who fraudulently siphoned off our client’s entire life savings.

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